A Private Chef In Your Kitchen!

Some of you may be pros at throwing dinner parties… others may be intimidated… juggling with the cooking while entertaining guests can sometimes be a bit stressful and turn into a culinary nightmare!

Well, guess what! The secret to happy hosting is to get someone else to do the hard work! My Little Basel has found what you need to have an unforgettable dining experience with your friends!

The online private chef booking platform La Belle Assiette is the perfect solution for high-end, low-prep dinners. You can browse and book a professional chef to cook from your own kitchen. From casual meals to extravagant Michelin style dining they’ve got it covered! Your chef will take care of everything: shopping, cooking, serving and even cleaning up before leaving!

Each chef has their own profile page featuring their menus, a brief biography, and customer reviews. Chefs are carefully selected and only the best make it to the “Validated by the Jury”  list!

There are quite a few La Belle Assiette chefs to chose from in Basel. Rosa is the latest addition. She charms everyone with her creativity and her love of cooking, combining her French and Brazilian roots into explosive flavors.


If you pick Rosa, she will arrive about 1.5 hours before your guests, with a big smile, her white chef coat and two large bags filled with the finest ingredients. She will take over the kitchen right away, with very little need for guidance. You will be impressed by her professionalism and discretion.

When your guests arrive, you won’t need to worry about anything that is going on in the kitchen! You will have time to talk and enjoy a drink with your friends before dinner is served. Rosa will then serve each dish at the table, in a very friendly manner, ready to share her experience and passion for cooking.


Once the service is over, Rosa will do the clean-up and the dishes! Your kitchen will be so spotless when she leaves, you will wonder if it just all happened in a delicious dream!

Pick your chef, pick your menu and impress your dinner guests! The most fabulous and exclusive dinner reservation in Basel will be at your own table!

La Belle Assiette – from EUR 35 per person, excluding drinks; customizable according to dietary requirements – Webpage only in French for now.

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