Where is it???

– Hold on, are you sure it’s there? There’s nothing…
– But that’s the address though…

You got it right! It’s there. Just walk in… you’ll find the latest and best hidden speakeasy bar of Basel behind that black door!


The space is small, the light is dim… people sip prohibition-era cocktails. Kim, the guy outfitted with red suspenders and a 20’s cap, has evident bar tending skills. You can definitely trust him to hand you a terrific drink that he makes up based on what your taste buds crave! You won’t even need to look at the menu, just tell him what kind of drink you’d like!


But pay attention! To get into Styx and get a chance to enjoy one of Kim and his team’s wonderfully crafted cocktails, you’ll need the secret door code! Otherwise you will be forced to remain outside! So here it is! The code right now is: 1777#


If you ever forget the code or get stuck behind the door, check Styx Facebook or Instagram pages. You will always find the latest magic door code there!


The secret is out now! Hurry up and come enjoy one of Styx wonderful cocktails… the place will be opened until end of April 2018!

Styx Bar – Somewhere in Klein Basel… behind an unmarked black door…. Untere Rheingasse 9, Basel
Opening hours: Thursdays to Saturdays from 20.00 to 03.00 am

As always, please drink responsibly… 🙂 

Photo credits: Sebastian Schweers




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