One year already!

Hi there!

More and more of you are following My Little Basel and that’s great! I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself so you can get to know me better!


I’m Charlotte. I arrived in Basel in November 2006! Yes, that’s right, 9 years ago!!! I know it sounds like a looooong time, I can’t even believe it myself!!! When I meet new people and tell them I’ve been here for more than 9 years, their jaws usually drop and I feel like a dinosaur! The first time I heard about Basel was from a headhunter. I am not sure I could even put Basel on a map at the time… I accepted the offer, packed all my stuff and landed in Basel… and it’s been great! I’ve met awesome friends (some of them are Swiss, others are expats, some of them have left, others are still here), discovered new places, became a much better skier and experienced quite a few new rules (expats will know what I mean here!).

So how did the idea of My Little Basel come about? It all started during a girls lunch at Lily’s with my very dear friend Charlotte (another one!). Before I go further, a few words about Charlotte. I met Charlotte a couple of years ago. We went for dinner and the waiters had to kick us out, long after the restaurant had already closed, so they could go home… Charlotte is now one of my best friends in Basel! On top of being one of the most enthusiatic and happy person I’ve ever met, Charlotte is also an amazing photographer. She took some of the pics published on this blog. Sometimes we meet for lunch during the week. I escape from the office, she drops her translations for a couple of hours, and we meet in the city. No guilt, we talk about real stuff! Shoes (the last pair we bought, the next one we’ll buy…), boys (Charlotte got married last year, so now she always talks about the same one…), parties & work… (way more about parties than work!), and of course we keep each other updated on the latest gossips (… I won’t say more!).

So, back to the blog! It was during one of these girl “business” lunches, on a cold January day, my heart was a bit sad, my job was a bit stressful, I needed to cheer up. After lunch, Charlotte started sending me links to blogs she likes and that’s how the idea of having my own blog started to grow… I could have my own platform to share what I enjoy in Basel, let my creativity flow, and most important have fun! My Little Basel was born!


It’s now been a year! And so much fun! I am not going to list all the posts published so far, but a few of them are  worth calling back to your mind right now! It’s that time of the year again to go enjoy oysters with a glass of Muscadet at Cargo Bar! Markus, the oyster master, is back at Cargo every first Wednesday and Thursday of each month until April.


With cold weather and snow also comes the time for fondue! Here are a couple of options to chose from: Aktienmühle if the weather is nice; the Liebesgondeli if you are looking for a place more romantic; or La Tour Vagabonde if you are looking for a unique experience! The last two are open until end of March.


These are just a few of my 2015 “Coups de coeur”… there will be many more in 2016! Stay tuned! If you want to be informed of my new posts, just sign up for the newsletter, or follow My Little Basel on Facebook!

I would like this blog to be interactive. Don’t hesitate to leave comments, give feedback, say what you like or don’t like, make suggestions, give your own tips, share posts with your friends… You can write in French, English, German etc!

The floor is yours! 🙂


PS: the few rules I go by:
1. No one can pay to be on My Little Basel. I pay my check when testing a restaurant and buy my ticket when going to the spa.
2. I write only about places / things I like. If I don’t like it, I don’t write about it (but if don’t write about it, it does not necessarily mean that I don’t like it…) (pfffff, it’s getting complicated 😉
3. I follow my “Coups de coeur”! But suggestions are welcome (email ! 🙂

9 thoughts on “One year already!

  1. oliver says:

    Liebe Charlotte
    Ich finde es wunderbar, über meine Heimatstadt aus der Sicht einer “Dazugezogenen” zu lesen. Mach weiter so, gefällt mir sehr.


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