Romantic dinner in a gondola

Cold weather is finally here and Valentine’s day is around the corner! What about sharing fondue with your loved one in a gondola?

Baracca Zermatt, an authentic rustic chalet with a cozy fireplace, is one of the best fondue places in town. The gondola set outside the chalet, away from prying eyes, is perfect to have a candlelit dinner in an intimate setting. This old-style gondola was refurbished with red velvet curtains, cristal chandeliers and sheepskin covered sleek-looking leather chairs.

There is a wide selection of fondues to choose from; you can indulge in truffle fondue or stick with tradition and enjoy an original cheese fondue. All fondues come with the usual pieces of bread but also with potatoes to dip into the melted cheese – fondue can be a bit heavy… potatoes are a bit easier to digest than bread… If you’re not a big cheese fan, you can also have Chinese fondue – nothing Chinese here… it’s meat fondue!

The gondola can fit up to 4 people (6 people if you don’t mind  sitting a bit close to each other).

Baracca Zermatt, Binningerstrasse 14, 4051 Basel – Open until end of March.
To book the Liebesgondeli, call +41 61 564 66 99 or write to 

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