One year already!

Hi there! More and more of you are following My Little Basel and that's great! I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself so you can get to know me better! I'm Charlotte. I arrived in Basel in November 2006! Yes, that's right, 9 years ago!!! I know it sounds like a looooong time, I can't even … Continue reading One year already!

Pop-Up Fondue in the World of Troubadours

Once again, Kleinhüningen is the place to go! A unique pop-up restaurant settled in Holzpark Klybeck for a few months. La Tour Vagabonde is a classic Shakespeare Tower, 11-meter high, that can be built or taken apart in just a couple of days! If you are in the mood for fondue, La Tour Vagabonde is definitely the best … Continue reading Pop-Up Fondue in the World of Troubadours

Fondue under the stars

If you are ready to push on to Klybeck neighbourhood, you're in for a pleasant surprise: a cheese lovers' lair in a hideaway behind the Aktienmühle. Twice a month, Café-Bar staff lights on log fires in the inner courtyard and sets up large cauldrons filled in with cheese fondue. Extra-long forks  are provided to dip bread in … Continue reading Fondue under the stars

Romantic dinner in a gondola

Cold weather is finally here and Valentine's day is around the corner! What about sharing fondue with your loved one in a gondola? Baracca Zermatt, an authentic rustic chalet with a cozy fireplace, is one of the best fondue places in town. The gondola set outside the chalet, away from prying eyes, is perfect to have a … Continue reading Romantic dinner in a gondola