Pop-Up Fondue in the World of Troubadours

Once again, Kleinhüningen is the place to go! A unique pop-up restaurant settled in Holzpark Klybeck for a few months. La Tour Vagabonde is a classic Shakespeare Tower, 11-meter high, that can be built or taken apart in just a couple of days!

La tour vagabonde

If you are in the mood for fondue, La Tour Vagabonde is definitely the best pick! Order some wine at the bar and pick a table upstairs.

La tour vagabonde

Jean-Luc brings a caquelon, some wine, garlic and cheese and you can start making your fondue! The secret is to continue stirring in a figure 8, until all the cheese is melted. Of course, Jean-Luc stays around in case something goes wrong!


Hurry up and make sure you go before end of March. After that, La Tour Vagabonde will be dismantled once again and will keep traveling the world!

La Tour Vagabonde – Holzpark Klybeck, Uferstrasse 40, in Basel until March 31st, 2016 – tourvagabonde.com

Opening hours: Tue / Wed/ Thu: 17h30-00h00; Fri / Sat: 17h30-01h00

Photo credits: Kostas Maros [ www.kostasmaros.com ]

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