The App you simply can’t live without in Basel!

Meeting for dinner with your Swiss friends (Read “MUST be on time!” 😉 )… Rush to the tram stop and see your tram right there!… Have someone hold the doors for you while you frantically go through your change at the bottom of your purse to buy a ticket… Fussy Ticket Machine rejects your 5 Francs coin… Try to insert a handful of small coins in the machine as fast as you can…  See the tram doors closing as you hear Fussy Machine finally printing your ticket… See your tram leave… Have to wait for another 14 minutes… Will be late… Again!

Well, I’ve got good news! These FML days are over! From now on, you’ll only need 2 clicks and 2 seconds to buy your tram ticket on your smartphone. All you need is to download the TNW Tickets app!

This free app is available for both iPhone and Android in German, English and French. You can buy full price, half-fare card, 1st class, 2nd class tram and bus tickets. It is fast, easy and safe.

The smartphone ticket looks like a paper ticket. A running clock at the top of the screen shows you how long your ticket is valid for. TNW Tickets is an app you can’t live without in Basel!

Now you can still choose to show up “fashionably” late… but it will only be up to you!

For your iPhone, download here. For your Android, download here.

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