Gastronomic Experience!

There is a newcomer in the red light district! The Roter Bären, a gastronomic yet casual restaurant, opened doors this summer on Ochsengasse.


The Roten Bären’s plates are beautiful, creative and delicious. The menu concept is quite unique. Instead of having starters, main courses etc., all dishes are served with the same portion size. You can chose to get 2, 3, 4 – or even 5 if you’re super hungry – plates. Portions are sized so you can try and discover more recipes than during a traditional meal.


On top of serving a fresh, seasonal and mouthwatering cuisine, the Roten Bären is also very tastefully decorated. Hundreds of light bulbs like snowballs hang from the ceiling, the kitchen is open on the dining room and the cocktail bar is very tempting!


Now my favorite restaurant in Basel!

Ochsengasse 17, 4058 Basel –
Tel. 061 261 02 61. Mon-Thu 17-2 pm. Fri, Sat 17-3 pm
2 plates for CHF 39, 3 for CHF 49, 4 for CHF 59 and 5 for CHF 69

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