Let me introduce Günther…

Summer is around the corner (… well, almost…) and I’d like to introduce you to Günther! Günther is my new favorite cocktail! It will be the perfect drink for hot 2015 summer! (I’m an optimist!). A fresh and tasty cocktail, easy to prepare, no need for bartender equipment, just a few ingredients mixed in the right way!

Here is the recipe:

Crush rosemary leaves between your fingers and place in a champagne or large wine glass
Add ice cubes and a splash of lavender syrup
Squeeze lemon and add juice to the mix
Add Champagne or Prosecco
If desired, add more rosemary for garnish and a slice of lemon
Serve and enjoy!

Günther will be a good alternative to popular Hugo and Aperol Spritz for the ultimate BBQ party.

You can find some lavender syrup at Globus (CHF 9.95) or online http://www.amazon.de/dp/B004FN9NNS 

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