Brunch for Hipsters and Heidis…

A Sunday just isn't complete without brunch with friends! Brunch in Basel may not be an institution... yet... but La Fourchette is one of the great spots in Klein Basel about to prove the critics wrong! La Fourchette is homey and unfussy with a healthy hipster vibe. On Sundays, brunch is served to a packed-out house.  There’s a long … Continue reading Brunch for Hipsters and Heidis…

Cocktails into the wild

Once a month, once night comes, inhabitants of the Natural History Museum come to life, get off their pedestals and mix drinks behind a bar! Large white leather couches are  set up on the last floor to welcome cocktail fans thirsty for a change of scene. Push the door! Anton the Skeleton will wait for you in the … Continue reading Cocktails into the wild

Fondue under the stars

If you are ready to push on to Klybeck neighbourhood, you're in for a pleasant surprise: a cheese lovers' lair in a hideaway behind the Aktienmühle. Twice a month, Café-Bar staff lights on log fires in the inner courtyard and sets up large cauldrons filled in with cheese fondue. Extra-long forks  are provided to dip bread in … Continue reading Fondue under the stars

Briny Afterwork

Once a month from September to April, a sea breeze blows on Cargobar. Markus, a Basler living in Paris, comes back to his hometown with crates filled in with oysters. During two evenings - every first Wednesday and Thursday of the month- he cracks open hundreds of bivalves, delighting Cargobar regulars. Fresh oysters are directly imported from … Continue reading Briny Afterwork

Romantic dinner in a gondola

Cold weather is finally here and Valentine's day is around the corner! What about sharing fondue with your loved one in a gondola? Baracca Zermatt, an authentic rustic chalet with a cozy fireplace, is one of the best fondue places in town. The gondola set outside the chalet, away from prying eyes, is perfect to have a … Continue reading Romantic dinner in a gondola